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News 06 September 2023

Bringing research and industry closer: accelerating innovation and uptake of Biomethane

The workshop entitled "Bringing Research and Industry Closer: Accelerating Innovation and Uptake of Biomethane" was held on 7th June 2023 in Bologna, Italy, as part of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE). Esteemed experts from the research community, industry, and policymakers convened to discuss and collaborate on advancements in bioenergy. The workshop facilitated fruitful discussions among 70 participants, with 45 attending onsite and 25 participating online, all aimed at enhancing collaborative efforts in the bioenergy sector. 

During the session on "Collaboration between research and Industry for identifying R&I needs to accelerate biomethane production," the panellists provided valuable insights. They deliberated on the significance of standardised equipment, favourable political support, and cost reduction to replicate and commercialise biomethane plants. Energy dependency and the prioritisation of biological fermentation in anaerobic digestion were highlighted as key challenges. The panellists emphasised the need for collaboration between research and industry to identify specific technology requirements while taking into account environmental considerations. Furthermore, they discussed the advantages of industry-research consortiums, such as competitiveness, risk-sharing, and cost reduction. 

In the session entitled "Cross-sectorial dialogue to facilitate the biomethane market deployment," the panellists addressed several important topics. These included the necessity of finding a compromise in addressing methane losses from small biogas facilities, focusing on specific tests while assessing the source of biogas in order to ensure compliance with national, local specifications. The absence of mandatory targets and political indication at EU level for feedstock was also highlighted. Regarding the institutionalisation of the carbon farming model, the panellists emphasised the importance of adopting a holistic approach to waste management over the next seven years. They underscored the need for clear messaging, considering stakeholders' perspectives, and effective communication to encourage investment and enhance public understanding. 

Overall, the workshop provided a platform for experts from various sectors to exchange knowledge and collaborate on accelerating biomethane production and deployment, furthering advancements in the field of bioenergy.