The Project

"Support to the coordination of national research and innovation programmes in areas of activities of the European Energy Research Alliance"

The SUPEERA project is rooted in and supports the SET-Plan but also aims at integrating it into the broader context of the Clean Energy Transition to support Europe’s strategic long-term vision, a Clean Planet for all.

Therefore, EERA and its linked third parties strive to connect the dots by:

  • Supporting the energy research organisations involved in the SET-Plan.
  • Encouraging a stronger engagement of the EU-13 countries.
  • Improving the exchange of information and making recommendations for joint actions.
  • Helping accelerate the uptake of new technologies by industry.
  • Examining the impact of EU policies in the view of bringing the SET-Plan forward in the broader context of the Clean Energy Transition.

The objectives:

Facilitate the coordination of the research community in support of the execution of the SET-Plan towards the Clean Energy Transition

  • Understanding the status and needs of the SET-Plan Implementation Plans
  • Identification and mapping of EERA resources towards the execution of the SET-Plan IPs
  • Identifying and supporting cross-cutting activities within the IPs and interdisciplinary activities
  • Widening: support mobilisation of National Public Research resources in EU-13

Accelerate innovation and uptake by the industry

  • Analyse the proposed energy measures in the NECPs
  • Promote the dialogue and cooperation model between industry and energy experts
  • Provide coordinated input to decision makers on systemic and cross-sectorial solutions to support the Clean Energy Transition
  • Deliver sectorial, cross/systemic recommendations on R&I priorities to support uptake of new technologies by the industry

Provide recommendation on R&I priorities and policy frameworks

  • Identification of indicators to measure progress towards a sustainable energy system
  • Application of the selected indicators in order to propose new enabling policies
  • Translating new EU policies into concrete actions for the EERA and SET-Plan community

Support and promote the SET-Plan and the Clean Energy Transition

  • Raise awareness and increase the visibility of the SET-Plan and the Clean Energy Transition
  • Reach out to different groups of stakeholders to inform, include and engage them
  • Support the mobilisation of the research community and other stakeholders towards the SET-Plan and the Clean Energy Transition