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News 22 April 2021

Exploring the relationship between digitalisation and the Clean Energy Transition

A SUPEERA webinar highlighting the R&I, policy and business priorities regarding the Clean Energy Transition in Europe in their complex relations with the unfolding digital landscape.  

The European Green Deal means much more than cutting CO2 emissions. It is about implementing systemic modernization across the European economy, society and industry. The energy sector is called to play a key role in this process by developing innovative technologies for clean energy and high efficiency to become an everyday affordable reality. 

In this framework, digitalisation will be a revolutionary enabler for this transition, in manners and synergies that are still widely unexplored. Indeed, not only digitalisation will be crucial in improving the productivity, accessibility, reliability, and sustainability of energy systems around the world, but it also offers great opportunities for innovation and job creation. Digital technologies have, therefore, an enormous potential and a pivotal role to play in the energy sector.  

Nevertheless, within this context, it is crucial to ensure the drive towards a green and digital transition that is also fair to everyone. Research on clean energy – a multidisciplinary, low-carbon related research – will be fundamental to underpin and lead this epochal change and successfully couple the twin green and digital transition by providing new results, impact, revenue, and value-producing opportunities. 

This SUPEERA webinar, foreseen to be held online in the month of May, will aim at understanding how the link between digitalisation and the Clean Energy Transition can be capitalised on to reach climate neutrality in the EU and to exploit the benefits of digitalised energy systems.

Among the panellists, representatives from the European Parliament and the European Commission have been invited, as well as representatives from the industry and academia.   

More information about the agenda and the registration will follow soon.