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News 26 June 2020

Strengthening EU 13 participation in the Clean Energy Transition

In the context of the EERA Summer Strategy Meeting 2020, the SUPEERA project will host a session to broaden participation in the SET-Plan across Europe.

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA aisbl), the largest energy research community in Europe with 250 public research centres and universities, is organizing its yearly get-together: the Summer Strategy Meeting 2020.

EERA plays an important role in catalysing European energy research within the objectives defined in the SET-Plan, an EU initiative that fosters research and innovation in low-carbon technologies and supports the Clean Energy Transition.

However, the research and innovation gap in Europe remains a pressing challenge. Some Member States, mainly those that joined the EU after 2004, have low, or even inexistent, participation rates in the realization of the SET-Plan Implementation Plans.

Within the SUPEERA project, efforts will be intensified to spread excellence and broaden participation in the SET-Plan across Europe. This will be achieved, inter alia, by encouraging organisations in EU-13 countries to further develop their research and innovation potential and engage in specific activities related to the SET-Plan.

In this context, this year’s EERA Summer Strategy Meeting foresees a closed session, under the SUPEERA umbrella, that will place emphasis in sharing best practices between non-EERA EU-13 stakeholders and key EERA members.

The invitation-only meeting will take place on Wednesday 1st July and conclusions and main takeaways will be made available at a later date.