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News 10 May 2023

PANTERA/SUPEERA joint workshop - International research collaboration opportunities: fostering EU Clean Energy transition in Lithuania

On April 27th, the final workshop of the 10-series was held in Vilnius, jointly organised by SUPEERA and PANTERA projects. The event brought together experts from academia, industry, and government sectors in a hybrid format. The participants shared valuable insights and experiences, contributing to a fruitful exchange of knowledge. The main topics discussed were the challenges and opportunities in bringing the research communities of the EU-13 countries closer together and fostering collaboration among them. Specific challenges faced by Lithuanian actors were highlighted, such as the lack of coordination between national and European priorities. The benefits of enhanced collaboration between industry and research sectors were underscored, and the active participation of Lithuanian actors in the SET Plan and the European Energy Research Alliance was encouraged. The panel discussion delved into the revision of Lithuania's National Energy and Climate Plan and the role of community involvement in refining NECP objectives. The importance of informal networking, connecting with neighbouring countries and concentrating efforts in areas where countries have a competitive advantage were also highlighted. 

In the second part, the discussion presented various R&I opportunities for collaboration and funding, highlighting the significance of EU programs like the European Innovation Council (EIC), the EEA and Norway Grants, and Horizon Europe. The presentations also discussed the challenges and opportunities for widening countries' participation in the Horizon Europe program, the benefits of being part of European Partnerships. The PANTERA project was also presented, which aims to create a European forum for stakeholders in smart grids, storage, and local energy systems, and the EIRIE platform was discussed as a multi-functional collaborative platform for knowledge and data related to R&I activities in Europe. Overall, the presentations and discussions showcased the interconnectedness of the topics being addressed and the funding opportunities available to Lithuania to enhance its scientific and technological landscape and drive innovation in Europe.