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News 14 June 2022

Workshop report: International research collaboration opportunities fostering EU Clean Energy transition in Baltic States – PANTERA / SUPEERA joint workshop

On 27 April, the PANTERA and SUPEERA projects jointly organised a workshop to discuss and raise attention on gaps and barriers that limit the R&I activities in the energy sector in the Baltic countries. The discussion aimed to facilitate knowledge exchanges and showcase best practices of international networking and cooperation between national stakeholders and key international associations, showing how this can be beneficial for establishing long-lasting interactions and fostering joint R&I activities.  

The workshop gathered experts from relevant Latvian state institutions, researchers and stakeholders from the Baltic area, and specialists from both PANTERA and SUPEERA projects. During the workshop two panel sessions were held between the experts, who also took time to answer several questions from the audience. Overall, the session was joined by 25 people at the venue and was followed online by 56 participants. 

A full report on the workshop is now available, focusing on each speaker’s interventions, together with the reflections and points of view shared during the panel sessions.  

Click here to access and download the full report. 

SUPEERA and PANTERA will continue their collaboration to facilitate similar discussions in other EU-13 countries. After this workshop in Latvia, two additional workshops have already taken place in Sofia (Bulgaria) on 25 May 2022 and in Nicosia (Cyprus) on 1 June 2022.