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News 12 February 2021

SUPEERA Project refocuses European Green Deal policies through energy R&I lens

Organised in the context of Task 3.2, the SUPEERA Policy Briefs give an overview of the R&I challenges linked to the European Green Deal.

In the framework of a series of documents, the first SUPEERA Policy Briefs have been published this week, focusing on three of the main policy initiatives launched by the European Commission as part of its European Green Deal. These are: the Circular Economy Action Plan, the Energy Systems Integration Strategy, and the Hydrogen Strategy.  

As the European Union focuses on reaching climate neutrality by 2050, consequently increasing its efforts toward green energy, there is a momentum to identify the R&I challenges and industrial opportunities of tomorrow, and to coordinate efforts towards the achievement of new energy and climate priorities in Europe 

Within the framework of the SUPEERA project, a series of Policy Briefs will be published to identify concrete R&I challenges in latest EU policies relevant to the energy research community. The analysis of the policies identified will have the two-fold objective of supporting recommendations towards the EERA membership and the SET-Plan ecosystem at large, as well as to identify potential areas for investments in energy R&I for EU policymakers. 

The research community has a key role to play, both in advancing research on identified political priorities, as well as in advising policymakers on the way forward through excellent fundamental research and focus on low TRLs for the advancement of new breakthrough technologies, materials and systemic approaches. More efforts are needed to achieve the Clean Energy Transition, but only a precise definition of the industrial needs and of the necessary technologies and innovations will drive a change in Europe. 

The first Briefs have been published on the website of the SUPEERA project, and can be downloaded at this page.