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10 September 2021 - Croatia

PANTERA & SUPEERA Joint Workshop - Boosting the R&I activity on Smart Grid Technologies

A SUPEERA - PANTERA Joint Workshop

The SUPEERA project, in partnership with the PANTERA project, is organising an event to discuss and bring forward developments in Smart Grid Technologies research. The event will take place in Split, Croatia (HR) and is part of a larger framework of pan-European events organised by SUPEERA to reach out to R&I communities in the "youngest" Member States of the European Union (the so-called EU-13). With this series of workshops, SUPEERA aims to further engage least participating countries in the SET Plan and the Clean Energy Transition, notably EU-13 countries, generally underrepresented in EU collaborative R&I efforts.

Croatia is an active member of the EU since 1st July 2013 and actively works in the success of the energy transition objectives to achieve the declared policies for achieving the low carbon economy. However, the following areas are still a concern in achieving carbon neutrality and we would like to address them in this workshop that brings together stakeholders in the field of smart grids, storage and local energy systems:

  • R&I activities in the field are weak calling for more national and European support to raise opportunities, bring closer to the wealth of EU knowledge and offer the means to address local needs with the support of the industry and broader communities.
  • Enabling technologies like digitalization, storage, smart grids and reliable communications are not adequately addressed to facilitate the much wanted transition for the effective use of emerging technologies that include distributed RES, e-mobility with smart charging and V2G attributes and demand flexibility.
  • End users and citizens are not adequately empowered through codes, appropriate regulation and market instruments to build and operate effective energy management systems utilizing the emerging technologies that can grow into efficient energy communities with appropriate technologies in place to facilitate optimal use of local resources for the benefit of the citizens.


The event will take a hybrid format, allowing for participants to follow the workshop online were they not able to join in person. If you wish to join the workshop in Split, please register here.

If you wish to participate online, connect on the day of the conference (10 September, 9:15 CEST) at the following link


The PANTERA project and the regional approach - Short description of the project, the importance of the regions, introduction to the bottom-up approach of regional desks. Dr. Venizelos Efthymiou (FOSS)

Croatia: energy and R&I landscape - Analysis, facts and figures from the energy and R&I contexts highlighting possible collaboration opportunities. Mr. Mattia Cabiati (RSE)

EIRIE – how the regional arm accelerates your SG R&I activities - Use case solutions with the participation of local stakeholders, that can match the needs and profiles of the region. Mr. Tasos Tsitsanis (Suite5) and Mr. Mohamed Shalaby (DERlab)
Representatives of local stakeholders: Prof. Tomislav Capuder (Univ. of Zagreb)

10:45-14:00 Break

The SUPEERA project - Linking objectives with PANTERA: Mobilization of EU‐13 national public research resources in the Clean Energy Transition: challenges and opportunities. Dr. Ivan Matejak (EERA)

Panel Discussion and Q&A session: How to accelerate the R&I activities of the region?

  • Research Collaboration
  • National regulations
  • Policy issues
  • Financing opportunities
  • Good practices

Moderators: Dr. Venizelos Efthymiou, Dr. Ivan Matejak
Contribution from: Dr Shafi Khadem (IERC)

Ms. Zorana Barišić, Croatian NCP
Ms. Orsolya KÜttel, Hungarian NCP;
Mr. Damir Pirić, Director HEP ODS – Croatian DSO;
Dr. Tomislav Novosel, REGEA

Closing Remarks - Wrap up of all sessions giving emphasis to the outcomes related to the region. Dr. Luciano Martini ‐ RSE

Practical information


10 Sep 2021


9:15 AM - 3:30 PM